Privacy Policy

Passel’s privacy policy will include the information that is and is not collected from Passel Protect’s service and from emails and sites. It will rundown the usage of this information to outline the steps taken by Passel to ensure the security and privacy of our users. This policy will inform users of all the information and data that Passel collects as well as the purposes for collecting it and how it will be used.

Data Not Logged

When you use Passel Protect VPN, your web activity is not logged and all of the traffic through our network is encrypted. There is no way for us to identify you or track what you do online. This is an additional step our company takes to ensure your anonymity.
We go out of our way to ensure your privacy in every possible way. All server software logs data about users, but we purposefully designed ours to automatically purge any logs so that nothing gets stored.


Passel does not record or collect any traffic data through its network or connections to its website.

Virtual Private Network

Passel does not log user web activity, the uses of its Virtual Private Network or Proxy, or connection habits.

Data Logged

At Passel we make sure our users cannot be identified by the use of our services.

Information Security

We work hard to protect the information we log from theft, loss and unauthorized access. Any information we store is encrypted. We also encrypt all of our services using SSL.


Dashboard logins are managed by temporary cookies.


Email addresses will be used for customer correspondence with Passel only. This includes correspondences regarding payment, subscription information and Passel promotions. Email addresses will not be used for any other purposes or shared with third parties.


Payment information is used only to manage Passel transactions, such as payments and cancellations. Your payment information is not linked to your web activity, your IP, or how you connect to our services.


Passel will abide by a valid subpoena request, however, each legal request is scrutinized for valid intent in regards to the law. Passel will make all attempts, when valid and possible, to inform the User of the request so that they have the opportunity to object to it. Any unconstitutional request will be denied.

Passel does not sell or share user information with any third parties.


By using our website and services, you agree that you consent to this privacy policy, and any future changes to it. Any changes made to this privacy policy will be outlined above.

Other Restrictions

Passel does not believe in restricting its consumers traffic. We believe the individual is responsible for their online activity.