This is Flter.

The first privacy & security router to provide seamless encryption across every device in your home.

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Stop the Internet's prying eyes

Flter encrypts your web activity, hides your physical location, and protects you from threats such as invasive advertising, malware and viruses. Did we mention this is done at the router level?

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Interface is Everything

Our mobile and web applications allow you to easily control Flter. You can change connection settings or check on your network status from any device in your home.

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Unassuming Design

Flter is small enough to fit anywhere in your home. You can place Flter in between your modem and router to provide network wide protection or connect Flter as a separate access point.

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What they say about us

The router has ad-blocking capability built in for ANY device using your home network (think consoles, TV's, etc), together with secure encryption for your general internet usage.

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Product Hunt

March 30th

We're now in a world where privacy is getting more & more traction & is making its way on to people's agenda.

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Digital Trends

March 30th

Flter Bundles Online Security and Privacy Into One Device.

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Flter companion app

The Flter app lets you set up and control your Flter device right from your phone. It puts you completely in charge of your online experience.

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