About Passel

Passel’s mission is to make simple and reliable tools that empower people to stay private online.

Passel was founded in 2016 by a group of engineers that felt it was becoming far too common for companies to collect personal data in return for services of significantly less value. Our goal is to lessen people’s reliance on these services that use this information for ad tracking, mass analytics, and targeted advertising. This parasitic model was created by companies like Google and Facebook and has led to more information about our lives is being collected than any other time in history.
Our first product, Passel Protect, was designed to help people avoid invasive tracking online, but we quickly realized that encryption could serve a much larger purpose, from circumventing geographic restrictions and the censorship of oppressive governments, it provides people with free speech and access to information that might have otherwise been suppressed. Encryption has proved a valuable tool for those looking to avoid tracking to those who want the freedom of an open internet.
Today we continue to provide a variety of encrypted products, such as Passel Protect and are working on releasing our second software product, Passel Mail. We also produce Beam, a network security router which provides Firewall protection as well as VPN encryption at the router level.
We’re only in the early stages of human technology and already privacy is becoming nonexistent. We want to set a new standard, which is why behind every product is our core belief that technology should empower humanity not exploit our nature to connect and learn.