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The World's Most Advanced Router

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A Router Reimagined

Beam is a router that provides more than just WiFi, it encrypts all of your information so your internet provider can't see what you're doing and services can't track you. It protects all the devices in your home from threats online and keeps your physical location hidden so you can access any part of the internet, from anywhere in the world. It's the world's most advanced router and that's just the beginning.

Faster and Future Proof

Beam’s no slouch. It comes equipped with latest-gen wireless technology, gigabit networking, and an incredibly powerful processor and co-processor. This enables Beam to provide every device in your home with breathtaking encrypted speeds.
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Dual band antennas with high-powered amplifiers

2.0 GHz Dual Core Chip

5-Lane Gigabit Ethernet

Wireless co-processors

Four, high-powered antennas

Four, dual-band antennas with high-powered amplifiers provide seamless WiFi coverage making lag, dropped connections, and dead zones a thing of the past.

Serious processing power

Beam sports a 2GHz dual core processor and co processor to maximize the WAN/LAN throughput, encrypt network traffic and provide advanced features that most routers aren’t capable of.

Beamforming, AC Wave 2 WiFi with MU-Mimo

Beamforming allows direct signals to be sent to your device so the WiFi is stronger and faster reaching speeds of up to 2500mbps and 250mbps through the VPN.

Gigabit networking

Beam comes equipped with Gigabit Ethernet WAN and LAN ports that support link aggregation to double your connection speed. Sharing files and working with high-performance network storage, is even faster.

Beam and forcefield f3eaba5df09cff54ad63a105cd3a32bc7d510fd816eb64111081a8b278b3070c

Beam and Forcefield,

A Very Private Network

Beam utilizes Forcefield VPN technology to encrypt all data entering and leaving your home. Forcefield keeps your online activity, identity, and physical location hidden. This prevents data theft from hackers, snooping internet providers, and tracking services.

Beam encrypts all network traffic and because of its advanced hardware it can reach VPN speeds of up to 250mbps.

Learn more about Forcefield

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Global, unrestricted access

Beam p2p c1b15d1c2093b59014cbca4fa22c8585c19e591ce47e3f6ba266e75b0ff2aabe

Full peer-to-peer support

Beam shades cc57a5ac7d14094a1db726beb7feb2271caa132aa536ac01b4fc8adfefa48d31

Browse privately

Beam block fef075581219b87678f7f3260e89042f29776c0d03b6bede7c38fead90977932

Block trackers, malicious websites and invasive advertising

Beam unblock 1674218f239b0a53c0e78a181f4e30b780a58560867d64942646b499180952ec

Unblock streaming services (coming later this year)

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Beam is a powerhouse, handling everyday tasks with incredible speed while also providing unrivaled privacy and security to your entire home.

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Fire wall protection, device scanning and active web protection provides you with the most secure experience you can have online.

Beam private fc4ff8e32793b1a6784e1ebd71c56ed21631802d784f2500977604d401458221


Network traffic is protected at the router level using 256bit encryption. All web activity is kept hidden from your internet provider or other services that try to track you.

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Easy setup

Beam’s setup is simple and takes almost no time at all. It’ll work with almost every network configuration and if you have any questions, we’re always here to help.

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The first line of defense

Beam ensures that your home network is secure by blocking unauthorized access using advanced firewall protection and two-factor authentication. Beam will even scan your network for vulnerabilities and alert you on how to fix them. To make things even easier Beam will automatically update with the latest security patches.

Beam castle 82cdcf96774f8f94ebed8d7dfa5a8110fed43979e1ae4480ea1fd56e9ff65b4d

Advanced Firewall

Beam updates 32533667c9dfeb3d527654455f896d3756c3a23bec48346c40957b75ca12710f

Automatic updates

Beam 2fa a28bed3accaa7d193b0b36d9c25c3bc8a5960926eb212514544cc21ddb021a45

Two-factor authentication

Beam isolation 3e59a882a0fb896da46f90ed5be10b52bc0724075da3a5a541daa8762b3d5f60

Access point isolation

Beam mapping 83d5e5403b8ff6ff5d876e627735a03e19280ac0a09aa29bc6ebd5190e690b40

Threat mapping

Phone 799d5be59a75fa85fda76fa0a7638029abf6e2fcb9e26784870b68125289c71f

IOT protection and device scanning

Powerful Network Control

Stay in charge of your home network with Beam’s intuitive mobile app and web interface. You can choose a VPN location, create a new network for guests, time out a device or prioritize bandwidth.

Remote access 56de31b913430c11242db65632f82efd23c69bfb9ed502bc4d973847a8d1956c Threat mapping 51f2ef89589fb7d89615113e757c1f2809c1ae3e36ce44fba1b68a37cdea6420 Filtering f2bb9938551a86c2e465664123a0486971485972311e494c6a94656cf2746529 Prioritize d91420b3aba0393e995e88105eca90ae66df4cd38ae2a7a3b047cc0f2c09bdd8 Parental ba75dfd1d44a3f76f0250369ea9d4dea8213c02fc189216e1945922d51a087ab
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Remote access

Threat mapping

VPN filtering

Prioritize bandwidth

Parental controls

Access your home network from anywhere in the world. You can view files saved on network storage or use your home IP address to get around geographic restrictions while traveling.

Powerful Network Control

Stay in charge of your home network with Beam’s intuitive mobile app and web interface. You can choose a VPN location, create a new network for guests, time out a device or prioritize bandwidth.

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Remote access

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Threat mapping

Filter d4633c578599c8b087306b8b942f9639beac6108443e0ec007743a55403f7422 Blue filter 042fc3d142d28ec037a6f880c3b2a036e5af3cae926c78cac33bb02288999715

VPN filtering

Beam prioritize bandwidth c41d94630ba59233b304126e692fed7070007d1e8bf8a0a47fee920f093c35e5 Blue bandwidth c0d955afbbd727fce0f61a367f5cb859ef78e5a98937608addf880f2eb906cea

Prioritize bandwidth

Beam parental control afce27b3297243da5ae6fb1f7fec4fbf8d4b69aad179fecfb0fc959212fd7a6e Blue parental 729be4fa1182cc45c0b2bf4c211c53bf102ae25d2f29f78f9f414e95a7296ff5

Parental controls

Access your home network from anywhere in the world. You can view files saved on network storage or use your home IP address to get around geographic restrictions while traveling.

Be part of our global network, and get paid for it.

We’re creating a decentralized network that can’t be censored or blocked. With Beam, you can choose to host a node to help other users circumvent censorship and get paid for it in bitcoin. It’s that easy.
Beam map 59fc3068835a009150f71c10420968027b688671ffa16547628e9c47a5f2ee0c

Making other routers look like paperweights.

Beam A normal router
Beam checkmark 45f796309ace8d684f556d39a8e910143ea21ddcebc9f2d85bfe98daeae31b12 Data and web activity kept private using 256bit encryption. Data is vulnerable, and some routers even log your web activity. See Google WiFi, Cujo.
Beam checkmark 45f796309ace8d684f556d39a8e910143ea21ddcebc9f2d85bfe98daeae31b12 Advanced firewall protection, network scanning and remote access. Beam x 8f629de25d9c63ff6b5c7b84af64cc59d725762ffe1a06e0d41d7c0b2694be94
Beam checkmark 45f796309ace8d684f556d39a8e910143ea21ddcebc9f2d85bfe98daeae31b12 Great user experience with a simple set-up and mobile app. Time-consuming setup and clunky, outdated interface.
Beam checkmark 45f796309ace8d684f556d39a8e910143ea21ddcebc9f2d85bfe98daeae31b12 Security updates and new features added automatically. Beam x 8f629de25d9c63ff6b5c7b84af64cc59d725762ffe1a06e0d41d7c0b2694be94
Beam checkmark 45f796309ace8d684f556d39a8e910143ea21ddcebc9f2d85bfe98daeae31b12 Can make you money by hosting a node in our network. Beam x 8f629de25d9c63ff6b5c7b84af64cc59d725762ffe1a06e0d41d7c0b2694be94
Beam checkmark 45f796309ace8d684f556d39a8e910143ea21ddcebc9f2d85bfe98daeae31b12 Forcefield software included to keep all your devices protected while away from home. Beam x 8f629de25d9c63ff6b5c7b84af64cc59d725762ffe1a06e0d41d7c0b2694be94

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